Ceramic Fiber Bulk


Heat Shield Blanket is an one side aluminium foil faced ceramic fiber blanket designed to give end user better flexibility when using insulation blanket in area where surface protection may be required or aesthetic appearance is desired. This non-combustible blanket product form can provide an excellent insulation in pipe line outer surface, duct surface, desk of high speed craft and marine fire protection system.

Main component Simwool Ceramic Fiber Blanket is high temperature insulation material made from Silica, alumina, zircon. Other components are aluminium foil 50 micron thickness and adhesive polymer.




  • Low weight insulation material
  • Easy installation
  • Save labour and space
  • Good handling strength
  • Protect the outer surface of insulation


  • Cable tray insulation
  • Pipe line outer surface
  • Sealing of fire door and cladding panel
  • HVAC Duct insulation
  • Cover of control system
  • Expansion joint
  • Marine bulkhead and desks
  • Liner of Chimney
  • Ship
  • High speed craft desk